Manhattan Auto Accident

Victims of car, SUV, truck or truck accident often suffer severe injuries such as broken bones, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries. In most cases such accidents could have been avoided but for someone’s negligence. For example, speeding is a contributing factor to a significant number of accidents. Victims who suffer serious injuries typically face long recovery times, miss work and experience financial challenges. The law allows victims to recover compensation to help offset their economic and non-economic losses. In order to make sure that your legal rights are protected, if you were seriously injured in an auto accident it is important that you immediately contact an experienced Manhattan auto accident lawyer who will make sure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled under New York law.

Causes of auto accidents

The most common causes of auto accidents are:

  • Distracted driver: Common distractions include texting while driving, using electronics, eating, changing radio stations, focusing on passengers in the vehicle. However, engaging in any activity that takes attention away from driving can lead to an accident.
  • Road defects: A road defect can include a pothole, debris, or a hazard road design.
  • Product liability: If a car is manufactured in a faulty manner or if it is unsafe because of its design, it can cause or contribute to an accident.
  • Negligence: A driver is negligent if he or she drives in a way that puts others at risk. Examples include speeding, driving while drunk, tailgating, running through red lights, or failing to yield to the right of way.
Common auto accident injuries

While there are a variety of injuries that victims of auto accidents may suffer, the most common include:

  • Head injuries such as skull fractures or traumatic injuries to the brain
  • Neck injuries such as whiplash
  • Spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis
  • Broken bones including broken legs and arms
  • Internal injuries such as internal bleeding, nerve damage, or organ damage
Consequences of auto accidents

Victims who are seriously injured in vehicle accidents face many challenges including substantial medical bills and inability to work. The insurance companies involved will be quick to urge your to sign a settlement agreement that will be their best interest, not in the best interest of victim. Before speaking the insurance company, contact an experienced attorney to ensure that you received the maximum compensation to which you are entitled including your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

  • Medical bills. This includes all past and estimated future medical expenses that are related to the injury that you suffered in the auto accident such as visits to doctors, including specialists, diagnostic tests, medication, emergency room, surgery, outpatient treatment, medical equipment and physical therapy.
  • Lost income. This includes missed weekly or monthly paychecks, lost benefits, lost self-employment income, and diminished earning capacity. If you are self-employed, you are still entitled to lost income.
  • Pain and suffering. This includes compensation for chronic pain, scarring, limps, permanent disfigurement, depression, sleeplessness, and other psychological suffering.
  • Wrongful death. This includes compensation to surviving family members based on losing a loved one in an auto acicdent.
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