Suffolk County Boat Accident

A boat accident can be a devastating experience, causing trauma and severe injuries. While these accidents can happen on any type of water vessel, they are most frequently seen with pleasure craft. This would include things like sail boats, open or closed cabin motor boats, and jet skis. An accident can also happen during a water sport activity, particularly waterskiing, fishing or diving. Commercial boats such as cruise ships, ferries, fishing boats, and barges can also be involved in accidents. Many boat accidents occur because someone was negligent. Because boats are generally unstable and in some cases deep water is involved, when accidents do occur victims often suffer serious injuries such as a head injury, neck injury, back injury, spinal injury or a broken bone. There are several factors that will determine what law will apply in case of an accident. For example, different rules will apply based on whether the victim was an employee or passenger, whether the vessel was docked or not, and on what body of water the vessel was at the time of the accident. Because of the legal complexities often associated with a boat accident, it is recommended that you call an experienced Suffolk County Boat Accident Lawyer from our office who will aggressively work to protect your legal rights.

Causes of boat accidents

Boat accidents often include capsizing, passengers falling overboard, collision with another boat or structure, fire, and sinking or flooding. Most boat accidents are avoidable as they are often caused by negligence. Common reasons for boat accidents are operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, machinery failure, and excessive speed. As a result of such negligence victims suffer serious injuries and in some cases victims die. In fatal boat accidents the top contributing factor is alcohol use.


In 2001 Robert Sweeney was working as a dive tender aboard the CB Bergen, a work barge owned by Reinauer, in connection with a pier demolition job for the City of New York at the Department of Sanitation Marine Transfer Station. While throwing a line to the marine diver he was assisting, Sweeney slipped and fell forward, injuring his left knee and hand. Sweeney filed a claim against the City of New York, asserting that he slipped because the deck of the vessel was slippery from either rain that fell that day, hydraulic fluid or diesel oil that spilled on the deck, and water that had accumulated in the area from the tool retrieval line he had thrown to the diver. Sweeney v. City of NY, 782 N.Y.S.2d 537 (N.Y. Sup. Ct., 2004)

Common boat accident injuries

There are a variety of injuries that those involved in a boat accident may suffer. Only injuries that are deemed serious are compensable. Common serious boat accident injuries include broken bones, nerve damage, back injury, neck injury, traumatic brain injury, and spine injury.

Holding the negligent party accountable

Serious injuries from a boat accident can lead to substantial medical bills, extended recovery time, and inability to work. Through a personal injury lawsuit there are a variety of types of damages that may be available to you based on the losses you suffered. For example, seriously injured victims will undoubtedly face substantial medical expenses. These expenses include the fees your doctors charge, ambulance fees, emergency room fees, hospital fees, surgical fees, costs of prescriptions, costs of medical equipment, as well as fees associated with rehabilitation. In addition, if you miss work, the negligent party is responsible for paying you the wages and other compensation that you lost.

Suffolk County Boat Accident Lawyer

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