Suffolk County Car Accident

Suffolk County is the largest County on Long Island in terms of square miles and the roads are some of the most traveled. Unfortunately, with such a large number of cars on the road, people fall victim to a car accident and many suffer serious injury. A Suffolk County Car Accident Attorney from the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis and Associates will agree, injuries from a car accident can be substantial. A devastating car accident can damage people's lives and cause not only physical harm and emotional distress but they can also cause major problems with families, friends and careers.

Very often the personal injury that is suffered can be the result of an accident with a truck, SUV, taxi cab, motorcycle or bicycle. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of a car accident or any of the above stated vehicles, you will need an experienced and knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney in Suffolk County.

People often focus on the physical injuries resulting from a car accident.  Any Suffolk County car accident attorney will tell you that the echoes of screeching tires, horn blowing, crashing metal, glass and plastic leave horrible memories and psychological trauma in addition to the physical injury. That is why a highly skilled Suffolk County Car Accident Attorney from Stephen Bilkis & Associates is here to assist you when serious injury occurs. Each Suffolk County Car Accident Attorney understands the individuals involved in the accident, whether a pedestrian, driver or passenger, will often need to deal with large medical bills, lost wages and even damage to property.  These individuals will somehow need to help cover costs associated with the car accident as well as deal with the insurance company or companies.

Another important aspect of a car accident case is whose fault is the car accident. A good Suffolk County Car Accident Attorney will examine many aspects of the accident to determine whose fault the car accident was. This includes a detailed analysis of the Police Report. The Police often question a witness to the accident on what occurred as the Police usually show up after the accident. It is important to note that Police Officers can make mistakes on Police Reports and that the Officer does have the right to amend the report at his discretion if he feels a mistake has been made.

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