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Kyle, a highly successful businessman, tripped and fell on a pile of towels that were left in the aisle by a gym employee. Kyle fell forward, and slammed his face onto the floor of the locker room. As a result of the fall Kyle suffered seizures, a concussion, and post-concussion syndrome. He was not able to work at the same high level as he did prior to the accident. He suffered in the locker room of a gym. A trip and fall accident occurs when someone trips over debris, a broken surface, damaged stairs or some other hazard that is on another person’s property. As a result the victim suffers a serious injury such as a traumatic brain injury like a concussion, an injury to the back such as a spinal fracture, or internal injuries. When a victim is injured on another person’s property because of an unsafe condition, under a legal theory known as “premises liability” the injured victim has the right to demand compensation for the injuries suffered. If you suffered a serious injury after falling on another person's property, it is important that you immediately contact an experienced Suffolk County trip and fall lawyer who will review your case and work aggressively to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Liability in a trip and fall accident

Not every trip and fall injury on another person’s property is actionable. A property owner will only be held legally liable in a trip and fall accident or in any type premises accident if it the property owner new there was an unsafe condition and failed to fix it, or if it reasonable that the property owner “should have known” that there was an unsafe condition. For example, a customer accidentally knocked 3 cans of vegetables off the shelf of a grocery store into the aisle. The customer did not bother to pick them up. An hour later another customer trips over the cans and suffers a serious head injury. Even though no store employee walked down that aisle in the hour that the cans were on the floor, the store would likely be held liable because it is reasonable that the hazard should have been discovered after an hour. If, however, the cans were only in the aisle for 5 minutes when the customer tripped and fell, the store may not be liable as it is not reasonable they the store should have known about the hazard that quickly.

Trip and fall accidents do not occur only retail stores where customers trip over objects left in the aisle. A trip and fall accident can occur on private property, in an office building, in a government building, or on property outside.

Pursuing a claim

While trip and fall accidents commonly occur in restaurants, retail establishments and similar types of businesses, a trip and fall or slip and fall accident could occur almost anywhere. For example, an accident at a construction site or in the workplace could be a trip and fall accident. Thus, depending on where the accident occurred, a trip and fall claim could involve filing a claim against a person, a retailer, or a government entity. Or, it could involve filing a workers’ compensation claim.

An accident that involves falling can mean serious injuries and extensive, expensive treatment. As a trip and fall attorney in Suffolk County will explain, through a personal injury lawsuit you can demand compensation that will help relieve the financial burden. Such damages may include any economic or non-economic losses that can be tied directly to the accidents. For example, you can demand compensation to cover both your past and future medical bills. If you miss work because of the accident, you can also demand compensation for your lost wages and other benefits of working that you missed. Pain and suffering is a non-economic compensable loss

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