Nassau County Paralyzed Injury

One out of every fifty people is suffering from paralysis of some kind. This equates to nearly 6 million people in the United States alone. This devastating condition can be caused by illness or disease, but more often than not, is due to the recklessness of another individual. Paralysis is frequently caused by a spinal cord injury. Often these injuries are the result of an accident at work, an auto accident, motorcycle accident or construction accident. Paralysis is the inability to voluntarily move a body part. Paralysis is a life-changing medical condition in that it impacts a person physically, financially and emotionally. Victims often find it difficult to carrying on everyday life activities. Relationships with friends and family will be affected. Physical therapy will be required, as well as assistive devices and various medical services. If you are in need of an injury attorney because you were left paralyzed from an accident caused by other person’s negligence it is critical that you contact an experienced Nassau County personal injury attorney right away. You have a right to demand compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of income.


The spinal cord is a large bundle of nerves that runs through the spinal column to the brain. The spinal cord is extremely delicate and critical to proper functioning of the body. When the spinal column is injured, the location of the injury will determine where the paralysis occurs. Depending of the severity of the injury, the paralysis can be temporary or permanent. There are various types of paralysis including paraplegia, quadriplegia, hemiplegia, diplegia, and monopeglia. The most complete type of paralysis quadriplegia. Quadriplegia is paralysis of the four extremeties.

The symptoms of paraplegia will depend on the site of the injury to the spinal cord. Symptoms of paraplegia can include:

  • Loss of feeling and/or inability to move legs or feet
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Low blood pressure
  • Decreased muscle tone in affected limbs
  • Impotence
  • Impaired breathing
  • Thrombosis
  • Bedsores or pressure sores
  • Chronic nerve pain
Common causes of paralysis

A victim can experience a spinal cord injury that results in paralysis in many different settings, but many occur as a result of a car accident, SUV rollover accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident. Sally, a former ballet dancer, was a victim of a car accident that ended her career. Sally was driving home from the theater when a drunk driver slammed into her car, causing her to suffer a severe back spinal cord injury. Sally woke in the hospital unable to move her legs. She was a paraplegic.

However many injuries that lead to paralysis also occur in the workplace and are often the result of a scaffold, ladder or other type of construction accident. In other cases paralysis is caused by a medical doctor, surgeon or chiropractor making a mistake.

For example, during the birth of a child, if the doctor exerts an unnecessary degree of force on the baby causing injury to the nerves in the infant’s neck and shoulder, the baby may sustain a brachial plexus injury leaving the child with a low functioning arm. This would be classified as a birth injury.

Pursuing a claim

Victims of catastrophic injuries that cause paralysis often face financial crises. The injury may require extensive treatment, long hospital stays, and rehabilitation. At the same time, the victim will typically miss a significant amount of work. By demanding compensation from the negligent person who caused the injury, you may experience financial stability and you may achieve a measure of psychological satisfaction. Examples of losses for which you can demand payment include:

  • Medical expenses such emergency room, hospital, medication, and surgery.
  • Medical equipment such as a motorized wheelchair
  • Modifications to your home to make it wheelchair accessible
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Mental health care
  • In-home care
  • Lost wages
  • Lost of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
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