Nassau County Workman's Compensation

Workers' compensation, also called workman’s compensation, is a form of insurance required by New York State that allows employers to provide employees who are injured at work to receive medical benefits, wage replacement and other benefits. In exchange, the injured employee gives up the right to sue his or her employer for negligence. Workers’ compensation benefits are available not only to employees who are injured in a workplace accident such as a construction accident, but are also available to employees who become ill because of workplace conditions. For example, an employee who develops a respiratory condition from inhaling airborne chemicals over a period of time would be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits just like an employee who suffers a back injury in a crane accident. While the law gives employees the right to receive benefits under workers’ compensation, receiving such benefits can become complicated. Furthermore, injured employees may be entitled to receive compensation beyond what is available through workers’ compensation. If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer because you were injured at work, it is important that you immediately contact an experienced Nassau County workman’s compensation lawyer who will review the details of your case and help you receive the benefits and compensation to which you are entitled.

Common workplace injuries

There are many types of workplace accidents that could lead to serious injuries. Here are just a few examples of the common causes of workplace accidents:

  • Back injuries from lifting heavy objects
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hearing loss from explosions, head injuries and loud sounds
  • Loss of sight from explosions and bright lights
  • Burns
  • Nerve damage
  • Head injuries
Pursuing a workers’ compensation claim

The process for filing a workers’ compensation claim for benefits is quite different from filing a personal injury lawsuit. You are not permitted to simply file a lawsuit in court. You must follow the procedures established by your employer and the New York Workers’ Compensation Board. The initial steps include notifying your employer of your injury and seeking medical help from an approved provider. There are specific forms that you must use and there are timeframes that you must follow. Failure to file your case timely and following the required procedures may result in your claim being denied. This means that you may be stuck paying your own medical bills and that you will not receive compensation for missed work.

Under the law if your claim is covered by workers’ compensation insurance, you generally do not have the legal right to file a personal injury lawsuit to demand damages beyond what workers’ compensation provides. This is referred to as the “exclusive remedy” rule.

However, just because an injury occurred at work does not necessarily mean that it is covered by workers’ compensation. If you were injured by a third party such as a contractor or by an equipment manufacturer, you may have the right to sue that person for damages. Similarly, if your employer intentionally hurt you or if your employer failed to carry the required workers’ compensation insurance you may be allowed to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit.

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