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Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are damages that occur to the child during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Injuries to a newborn can occur any time during the pregnancy, labor and delivery, or even after the birth. A common birth trauma or injury occurs when the flow of oxygen and blood is restricted during the birthing process. If the medical provider fails to quickly restore the flow, either to the mother or newborn, the infant may suffer permanent physical and developmental complications, such as Erb's palsy, brain damage, and cerebral palsy.

While the birthing process is part of the natural life cycle, it is complicated and requires tremendous skill on the side of the delivery team. Medical personnel must do everything in their power to prevent harm to the mother and the baby. Injuries at birth are malpractice when the doctor causes an injury or worsens the effects of a naturally occurring injury by acting in a manner not consistent with established medical practices.

Sometimes when doctors or physicians do not use proper care, children are born with birth injuries. Symptoms may include mental retardation, delayed development and weakness of the arms or legs.  Two major kinds of birth injuries:

A difficult birth or injury to the baby can occur because of the baby's size or the position during labor or delivery. There are many different causes for birth injuries including; breech delivery, delayed cesarean section, failure to notice fetal distress, placenta abruption and medical negligence. If you or your baby has suffered from a birth injury you will need the assistance of an experienced birth injury lawyer.

Our firm also handles home birth cases in which a midwife has been accused of negligent care resulting in a birth injury. Midwife birth injuries can be caused by unprofessional care, improper training, delayed birth and a host of other complications.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates represents parents and infants who have been victims of medical negligence during the birthing process. We understand the overwhelming circumstances you are faced with and will seek to hold those medical professionals responsible for your financial and emotional losses.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates are experienced New York birth injury attorneys. If your baby has been injured during birth or other medical procedure, call us immediately at 800.696.9529 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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