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New York Low Uterine Rupture

A uterine rupture is a serious pregnancy complication that occurs during the early stages of labor. A uterine rupture is a tear in the wall of the uterus that can put both the mother and baby at risk. In the most serious cases, the tear goes completely through all layers of the uterine wall. A uterine rupture typically occurs at the site of scar from a previous c-section or from another type of uterine surgery. A uterine rupture puts the baby at risk for birth asphyxia and may result in the mother requiring a hysterectomy. To minimize the risk of complications from a uterine rupture, the baby must be immediately delivered by c-section. If you or your baby suffered a serious birth injury from a uterine rupture, it is important that you contact an experienced New York uterine rupture lawyer who can review your medical records to determine if negligence contributed to the injuries.

Risk factors for uterine rupture

Uterine ruptures almost always occur at the site of a scar from a previous c-section. The stress of contractions can cause the scar to break. While uterine ruptures are not common, a previous c-section is often a reason for a doctor to recommend that subsequent babies also be delivered via c-section. If a mother decides on a vaginal delivery after previously having a c-section, fetal monitoring is critical to quickly detect fetal distress due to a uterine rupture.

Women who have had other types of uterine surgery also are at risk for uterine rupture. For example, women who have had surgery to remove fibroids or surgery for misshapen uterus are more like to suffer a ruptured uterus during labor than other women.

While uterine ruptures are rare among women who have never had a c-section or other types of uterine surgeries, it can happen. Risks factors include having had 5 or more children, polyhydramnios, contractions that are too frequent, cephalopelvic disproportion, postmaturity, carrying multiples, and a prolonged labor. As a New York uterine rupture attorney will explain, it is critical for the doctor to understand these risk factors and take them into consideration when making care decisions for the pregnant woman.

The treatment for uterine rupture is immediate delivery of the baby via c-section.

Complications related to uterine rupture

Uterine ruptures are dangerous for both the mother and the baby. For the mother, uterine rupture can cause significant bleeding. This can cause the mother to go into shock. It can also result in the mother having to undergo a hysterectomy.

For the baby the risk is asphyxia. If the mother loses a lot of blood due to the uterine rupture, then the she may not be able to supply the baby with sufficient oxygen-rich blood. If the rupture affects the placenta, then placental abruption can occur, depriving the baby of oxygen. In some cases when the uterus ruptures, the baby moves into the abdomen, leading to umbilical cord problems. Any problem with the umbilical cord can lead to oxygen deprivation.

Pursuing damages

It is up to a doctor to understand if a pregnant woman has risk factors for uterine rupture. If so, the doctor should treat the pregnancy as high-risk and monitor both the pregnant woman and her baby for signs of distress. Critical to ensure the health of the mother and the baby is responding quickly to distress. Failure you to do so may point to medical negligence. The result for the baby could be cerebral palsy, development delays, intellectual disabilities, and other lifelong problems. Caring for a child with severe birth injuries can be emotionally and financially challenging. As a uterine rupture attorney in New York will explain, if you or your child was harmed because of the negligence of your doctor, you may be entitled to compensation based on your medical bills.

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