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New York Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus is condition that affects babies and occurs when fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) builds up in the skull, causing the brain to swell. As a result the brain is damaged, leading the baby to suffer developmental delays. In infants, hydrocephalus is caused by a birth defect that results in the spinal column not closing, a genetic abnormality, or an infection during pregnancy such as rubella. When diagnosed early and immediately treated, brain damage can be prevented. Or if brain damage has already occurred, further brain damage can be prevented. If hydrocephalus is not diagnosed and treated quickly, the brain damage can be significant, and can lead to death. If your baby suffered a birth injury related to hydrocephalus that you believe was caused by medical negligence, contact a New York hydrocephalus lawyer who will examine your baby’s medical records in order to give you answers about what happened. We will stand by your side and vigorously advocated for your legal rights.

Symptoms of hydrocephalus in babies

If not treated quickly, hydrocephalus can lead to serious brain injuries, or even death. It is up to the medical staff to recognize the symptoms of hydrocephalus and treat it right away. Your baby’s doctor should be immediately concerned if your baby has a bulging fontanel. A fontanel is the soft spot on a baby’s head where the baby’s skull has not yet fused. If this area is bulging, it may be because of swelling. Other signs are a rapid increase in the size of the baby’s head, and the baby’s eyes being fixed downward. In addition, indicators of brain damage also include vomiting, extreme fussiness, poor feeding, low muscle tone, and seizures.

If hydrocephalus is suspected, the diagnosis can be confirmed by ultrasound or MRI.

Hydrocephalus can be treated, though if brain damage has already occurred, it may not be reversed. If successfully treated, then further brain damage can be prevented. Treatment includes shunt insertion to drain the excess fluid. An alternative treatment is a ventriculostomy, which involves making a hole in a ventricle that will allow the fluid to drain.

Pursuing damages

Hydrocephalus can lead to the baby suffering lifelong brain damage. This can mean that baby will have developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, seizures, and other difficult complications. Understandably, you are concerned about making sure your child will have the best treatment possible. You may also be concerned about how you will pay for the treatment, as the lifelong medical bills for treatment of severe brain damage is substantial. As experienced New York hydrocephalus lawyers, we are well aware of the concerns of parents of seriously ill children, and we are here to help.

Even though there may have been little if anything that the medical staff could have done to prevent hydrocephalus, it is incumbent upon medical professionals to recognize and quickly treat the symptoms of hydrocephalus in a baby. Failure to do so may not only cause the baby to suffer irreversible damage, failure to do some may considered negligence on the part of the medical staff.

If you believe that your baby’s brain damage could have been prevented but for the negligence of a doctor and other members of medical staff responsible for the care of you and your baby, a hydrocephalus attorney in New York can help figure out what happened and if negligence was indeed involved. If your medical records show that negligence was involved, you have the right to demand damages. For example, if your child suffered severe brain damage, you can demand payment for not only your child’s past medical bills, but for your child’s lifelong medical bills related to the brain injury. You can also demand payment for other related losses and expenses, such as your child’s loss of quality of life, and loss of future earning potential.

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We understand how difficult it is to learn that your baby suffers from a serious condition such as brain damage. You wonder how that could have happened. Sometimes doctors and hospitals are not as forthcoming as they should be about the events that lead to your child’s condition. If your suspect that your baby suffered brain damage because of medical negligence, it is important that you are represented by an hydrocephalus attorney serving New York who has legal knowledge and resources to stand up to the negligent medical staff and effectively advocate for your right to compensation. The staff at the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates has the experience, knowledge, and resources to help. Contact us at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your case. We represent clients in the following locations: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

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