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Queens Burn Victim

Current statistics show that there are approximately 2.4 million burn injuries every year. Sadly, up to 12 million of these people will perish from their injuries. These injuries are particularly debilitating and affect every aspect of your life. Often the victim will require a series of corrective surgeries, including plastic surgery and skin grafts in order to heal. The rehabilitation process can be long and painful. In some cases the victims are burned in a workplace accident or a construction accident. In other cases burns occur in an auto accident, from defective products, or from an electrical problem. A burn victim can experience an extended, painful recovery and struggle with corrective surgeries, missed time from work and emotional trauma. If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer because you are a burn victim, or a member of your family has suffered a serious burn injury, you have a legal right to seek just compensation from the person responsible for the injury. It is important that you immediately contact an experienced Queens personal injury lawyer who will review the facts of your case and explain your options for pursuing a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim.

Types of burns

Many people think of contact burns caused by fires or some other type of extremely hot source of heat. In reality there are several types of burns caused by sources other than files. In fact, workplace burns are often not caused by fires but by chemicals. A chemical burn involves the destruction of tissue caused by exposure to a chemical irritant such as acid. Chemical burns can be caused by a variety of products including household cleaning agents such as bleach, solutions used at the beauty salon such as relaxers, and chemical used in manufacturing.

Chemical burns can be caused by inhalation. Inhalation burns occur when the lungs or other internal organs are damaged when the victim inhales chemicals. This type of burn is often caused in manufacturing plants, construction sites, and even in workplaces where noxious cleaning solutions are used. Such burns can be prevented by the use of proper safety equipment as required by OSHA. Chemical burns can also be caused by swallowing the chemicals.

Another type of burn is an electrical burn. An electrical burn occurs when electricity passes through the body at a high speed, causing internal damage and strain on the heart. Electrical burns can occur at construction sites when workers do not take the proper safety precautions. They can also occur in the household while using a defective electrical appliance.

Pursuing compensation for a burn injury

Burns are one of the most serious types of injuries. Serious burns, such as first degree burns can lead to a myriad of health problems such as infection, nerve damage and organ failure. Treating burns is costly involving skin grafts, medication, and surgery. Burns can leave the victim with permanent scars and deformities. This means that not only is the victim likely to have considerable medical bills, the victim is also likely to be unable to work for an extended period of time.

By filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person or company responsible for your injuries is a way to help you through the financial stress that accompanies serious burns. You may be able to recover compensation for your medical expenses including emergency room fees, hospital fees, the expenses related to surgeries and other procedures, the cost of pain medication and medication to fight infections, and the costs for any long-term treatment. In addition, you can demand compensation for the wages and compensation your lost while at the hospital being treated and while recuperating. Because serious burns are extremely painful and often leave permanent scars, there is a good chance that you will also be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering.


On Christopher Peat's life was forever changed when he was severely burned while refinishing the floor in an apartment complex. His suffered burns on over 50% of his body when the pilot light in the kitchen stove ignited the highly flammable lacquer that Peat was using on the floor. Peat v. Fordham Hill Owners Corp., 974 N.Y.S.2d 61 (N.Y. App. Div., 2013). Peat filed a claim against the owner of the apartment complex. The jury concluded that Fordham Hill was 100% responsible for the accident as it has the responsibility of making sure that the gas was turned off prior to Peat commencing work on the floors. As a result of the injuries, Peat had to undergo 15 surgeries, extensive physical and occupational therapy, and suffers from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The jury awarded Peat over $18 million in damages.

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If you suffered a serious burn injury it is important to take prompt action. Personal injury cases are bound by strict time deadlines, called the statute of limitations. Failure to meet these filing deadlines prohibits you from filing a case against the negligent party. Contact the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates to discuss the details of your case. Our staff is experienced in handling personal injury cases against both individuals and businesses whose negligence caused accidents that resulted in burn injuries. Contact us at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your case. We represent clients in the following locations: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

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