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Queens Deafness Injury

While there is a higher likelihood of hearing loss when working at certain types of jobs such as construction work or aviation, anyone can suffer a loss of hearing from an accident. While often deafness is caused by long-term exposure to loud sounds, in other cases it can arise from a single exposure to an extremely loud noise. Hearing loss can also arise from an accident, particularly from a severe blow to the head or from a brain injury. Falling from a great height, such as in a scaffold accident, a construction accident or a slip and fall accident can cause a serious head injury that leads to hearing loss. Hearing loss, whether it is complete deafness or partial, is life altering. There will also be significant financial consequences. If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer because you have suffered diminished hearing due to the negligence of another person, it is important that you immediately contact an experienced Queens personal injury lawyer to discuss your case, as you may be entitled to compensation for the losses that you suffered.

Causes of deafness

Injuries commonly associated with car accidents include broken bones, back injuries, cuts and bruises, whiplash and internal injuries. However, it is not uncommon for victims of car accidents to also suffer hearing problems after a car accident. One of the main causes of car accidents is a concussion which is a type of brain injury caused by a severe blow to the head. Depending on what part of the head is hit, there may be damage to the eardrum or another part of the inner ear. For example, if the cochlea is damaged, the victim's ability to hear may be impaired. Damage to the inner may not mean that the victim will have a profound hearing loss. The victim may suffer auditory problems short of deafness including ringing or buzzing in the ear, hyperacusis, muffled hearing, difficulty with distinguishing sounds, and inability to recognize certain sounds. In addition, if an airbag is deployed, the loud noise that accompanies the deployment of an airbag may cause hearing loss.

In addition to a blow to the head in a car accident, slip and fall accident, construction accident or some other type of accident, hearing loss can also result from being exposed to a loud noise in close proximity to the ear. This is referred to as noise-induce hearing loss. Examples include a gunshot or explosion. In some cases the hearing loss happens right away, while in other cases it diminishes gradually. According to the National Institute on Deafness over 10 million people in the United States suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. In workplaces that have high levels of noise such as construction sites and manufacturing plants, if workers do not take OSHA mandated safety precautions, noise-induced hearing loss may result.

Pursuing compensation

If you were the victim of an accident caused by the negligence of another person, then you have the legal right to file a claim against that person. Part of the compensation that you demand would be for your medical expenses. Treating a loss of hearing may involve a substantial amount of treatment such as visits to doctors, surgery, and the purchase of a hearing aid. In addition, if you miss work because of your hearing loss injury, you can demand that the defendant pay the wages you lost while you were unable to work. If because of your hearing loss you are no longer able to return to the same job, you can demand compensation for the loss of future earning capacity.

Keep in mind that if your injury occurred in the workplace, you may be subject to New York's workers' compensation law and you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

Social Security Benefits

It is important to note that if you suffer a profound loss of hearing, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits. This means that even if your loss of hearing was not due to another person's negligence or intentional act, you may still be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Social Security disability benefits are available to those who are not able to work for an extended period due to a medical condition.

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