Queens SUV Accident

Car accidents are among the leading cause of accident injuries and deaths. According to the Centers of Disease Control in 2014 nearly 34,000 of the 136,000 accidental deaths in the United States were caused by traffic accidents. Because of the growing number of SUVs on the road, many traffic accidents that cause death or serious injury involve SUVs. SUV accidents are frightening. In many cases the SUV rolls over. In some cases the occupants are thrown from the vehicle. Unfortunately, any victims of SUV accidents suffer serious, life-changing accidents such as broken bones, back injuries that lead to chronic pain and limited mobility, and severe head injuries that leave the victim with chronic headaches and loss of memory. Such severe injuries come with substantial medical bills that the victims cannot accord to pay. If you are facing medical and financial crises because you were injured in an SUV accident caused by someone else, it is important that you contact an experienced Queens SUV accident lawyer to discuss your options for pursuing compensation for your injuries, including reimbursement for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of income.

SUV safety concerns

Just like with other types of vehicles, an SUV accident can be caused by a variety of factors including speeding, running through stop signs, dangerous lane changes, texting while driving, and drunk driving. However, the design of SUVs also makes them more prone to rolling over, even in relatively minor traffic incidents. SUVs are taller and heavier than sedans, pickup trucks and other types of vehicles. The high center of gravity makes it easier for them to roll over. In fact, 37% of all SUV accidents involve rollovers. This is significant because when an SUV rolls over, the occupants of the SUV will likely suffer more severe injuries that if the SUV did not rollover. When an SUV rolls over the roof may collapse exposing occupants to severe brain injuries, neck injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Personal injury or wrongful death claim

Along with physical injuries come financial losses from medical bills and loss of work. It is not fair that you, the victim, should have the sole responsibility of paying the medical bills related to the accident and for facing other economic and non-economic losses that result from the accident. New York law agrees with you. The law gives you the right to file a claim against the negligent party in order to recover compensation. The types of compensation that you may be eligible to receive are related to both economic and non-economic losses.

Economic losses include your medical expenses and your lost wages. Examples of medical expenses that for which you can demand payment include your hospital bills, the fees your doctors charge, expenses related to lab tests, medications, therapists, and rehabilitation. To prove these expenses you will have to produce bills and receipts. Lost wages include your hourly wages or salary that you did not receive as well as missed bonuses and other missed benefits. If the amount of money that you will make in the future is negatively impacted by your injuries, you can sue for that as well.

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering. While you will not have receipts to prove all of your physical pain and mental suffering, the courts will put a dollar amount on these losses. For example, if your injuries required surgery, forced you to be incapacitated for an extended period, or resulted in a permanent disability, you may be entitled to a substantial pain and suffering award.

If a loved one was killed in the SUV accident, the law allows the personal representative of that person to file a wrongful death claim. To determine who has the legal right to file such a claim, discuss the matter with an experienced attorney.

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