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Millions of people in the United States are living with some sort of paralysis. Paralysis is caused by an injury to the spinal cord. Even a minor spinal cord injury can cause great discomfort and limited mobility. Often injuries that cause paralysis are the result of an accident at work, an auto accident, motorcycle accident or construction accident. Paralysis is an emotionally difficult medical condition where the victim is no able to voluntarily move a body part. Depending on the type of paralysis, the victim may have trouble finding a job, maintaining friendships, and interacting with family members. Because of the medical bills that go along with treating paralysis and the difficulty finding employment, victims of paralysis often suffer financial difficulties. If you were injured in an accident that was another person’s fault that left you paralyzed, it is critical that you contact an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney as soon as possible who will review the facts of your case and work hard to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.


The spinal cord is a large bundle of nerves that runs through the spinal column to the brain. The spinal cord is extremely delicate and critical to proper functioning of the body. When the spinal column is injured, the location of the injury will determine where the paralysis occurs. Depending of the severity of the injury, the paralysis can be temporary or permanent. There are various types of paralysis. The part of the body affected will depend on the part of your spinal cord that is injured.

  • Paraplegia: paralysis of the legs;
  • Quadriplegia: paralysis of all four extremities;
  • Hemiplegia: paralysis on one side of the body;
  • Diplegia: paralysis of the same body part on both sides (both legs/both arms).
  • Monoplegia: paralysis of a single limb.

In some cases where the injury to the spinal cord is not severe, you may not experience complete paralysis, but a weakening of the affected body part.

Common causes of paralysis

A victim can experience a spinal cord injury that results in paralysis in many different settings, but many occur as a result of an vehicle accident. However many injuries also occur in a work related setting, and are often the result of a construction accident. In other cases paralysis is caused by medical malpractice. Some types of malpractice commonly seen in relation to these injuries include:

  • Incorrect positioning of the patient during surgery
  • Failure to immobilize the spine after an accident
  • Failure to monitor spine during surgery
  • Chiropractic malpractice
  • Intubation errors
Pursuing a claim

A personal injury claim against the person whose negligence or intentional act caused your injuries will not only hold that person accountable for his or her negligence, but will provide you with the financial resources to pay your medical bills. Medical bills for treating paralysis is significant—especially since paralysis is often permanent. This means a lifetime of medical bills. Expenses related to an injury that causes paralysis includes emergency room treatment, medication, surgery, and physical therapy. Victims may also require specialized equipment such as a motorized wheelchair as well as modifications to the hoe.

You can also seek compensation for your lost wages and loss of future earning capacity. Furthermore, the physical and psychological pain and suffering you endured from your injury are also compensable losses.

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