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Long Island Personal Injury

Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer staff at Stephen Bilkis & Associates can help you decide what to do following an accident caused by someone's recklessness or careless behavior. Our staff has handled numerous cases in which an individual was injured as a result of negligence. These cases can include car accident, defective product cases, boat accident, ladder accident, train accident, slip and fall accident and much more. If you were the one who was injured in an accident then you may have no idea how you will continue to support your family and live a full life. Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer staff has also found that the injury or wrongful death of someone in your family can be just as devastating. You may be left trying to figure out how to cope with enormous changes in your life that are necessary to adjust to the consequences of an accident.

At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, we have the resources and legal experience to assist you as you figure out what to do next. Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer team is prepared to review your situation and advise you on the best course of action. We can discuss what has happened and who was involved. You may discover that there are others responsible that should be held accountable for negligence and their irresponsible actions. The very first step is contacting our legal team to discuss the situation.

A spinal injury, broken bone, lacerations, brain injury, and other injuries can happen anywhere, even at work. Most people go to work each day expecting to return home without a problem. They have no idea that something may occur that will send them to the hospital. If you or a loved one experiences a workplace injury, you may be able to fight for financial compensation through a workers' compensation claim or a personal injury claim. Contact our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer group to discuss your legal options.

Every industry maintains specific standards and requirements for safety. Even a low key office job that requires no intensive physical labor must stay in line with standard safety measures. When someone overlooks these requirements, the potential for an accident can increase dramatically. For example, if you work in retail, you may spend a great deal of time around pallets of goods, shelving and lifting machinery. When used properly with the right safety precautions, these items are generally safe. However, if they are not correctly maintained or used without regard to safety requirements, they can become dangerous. A toppled pallet or careless lift driver can lead to a serious emergency situation. Your employer is responsible for ensuring that all equipment is maintained and that all personnel have undergone any required safety and operational training. If training was skipped or maintenance needs ignored, contact our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer staff to discuss a possible negligence case.

Construction sites can be dangerous places for workers, visitors and passersby. These places tend to contain a great deal of heavy materials, equipment and machinery. Those working in construction can be at a greater risk of injury. A skilled construction worker understands these risks and works with safety in mind. It takes one person ignoring proper safety protocols to cause a serious construction accident. If a coworker is not paying attention while driving a vehicle or using a power tool, you could find yourself in the hospital with an injury. When this happens, you are suddenly stuck with medical expenses and lost wages for the days, weeks or months you were not able to return to work. Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer team can help you decide if you should pursue a lawsuit and demand compensation to cover these financial burdens. Whether you will return to work in a matter of weeks or if your injury will require you to stay off the job permanently, our legal staff can review your case and provide sound advice.

Some accident injury victims are timid about going after an employer for compensation. A company is not immune to the legal system. If your injury or that of a loved one was caused by negligence on the part of a company, you may be in need of good legal advice. Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer team is prepared to review your case and determine if someone else was responsible. Our team is experienced with various work-related accident cases, including slip and fall accident injury cases, defective product or machinery resulting in a product liability case, a fall from scaffolding in a scaffold accident case or a railroad worker suffering from an injury after a train accident.

Our staff is also experienced in handling various types of auto accident cases. Automobiles have become a regular part of everyday life for most New York residents. You use your car or truck to commute to work, visit friends and family and make a trip to the grocery store. Vehicles make travel much easier. However, every Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates knows that sharing the road with other drivers can be a risk factor. You may be a very cautious driver who adheres to all traffic laws and signals but the truck driver next to you may not and cause a truck accident. The result of careless drivers is often a severe injury from a vehicle collision, SUV accident or motorcycle accident. A car accident can cause a serious brain injury, head trauma or broken bones. An auto accident can also lead to wrongful death situations.

Most vehicle accidents could have been avoided. A careless driver or a tired trucker can wreak havoc on the road. There may even be a faulty part or defective product on the vehicle that causes the driver to lose control, causing a traffic accident. Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer staff can determine if this type of situation applies in your case and who should be approached for compensation.

Our staff has handled many other types of cases that include various injuries such as burn victims, paralysis, amputation, medical malpractice or wrongful death cases. Many of these injuries are the result of a doctor's negligence or other act of medical malpractice. Our experienced Long Island Injury Lawyer staff may be your biggest asset when this type of situation occurs. You and your loved ones trust medical practitioners to treat conditions and injuries, especially in emergency situations. If you experience head injury, a spinal injury or another type of serious medical emergency, you need treatment right away and delayed medical treatment can cause a minor injury to turn to a severe injury. Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer staff has seen tragic cases of patients whose recovery process was severely hindered due to the actions (or inaction) of a doctor or hospital staff. The patient can do little beyond request assistance (if they are conscious to do so). The rest is left up to the abilities of the physician, emergency response team and/or hospital staff.

At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, our Long Island Injury Lawyer team is also experienced with birth injury cases. A newborn baby should be given every opportunity to thrive and grow into a healthy, happy child. The hospital is responsible for providing the right medical treatment as well as a sterile environment for the new mother and baby. When the hospital does not maintain required levels of cleanliness or when staff does not provide proper medical attention, the infant and expectant mother can be affected. Our Long Island Injury Lawyer team can review your case to determine if the hospital or staff brought on an injury or health condition in you or your child.

An accident can happen anywhere you go. You could experience an unexpected incident at work, home, while driving or even while seeking treatment at a hospital. These situations can be tragic and extremely difficult for you and your family to handle. The physical, emotional and mental pains are hard to deal with and that is without considering the financial burdens that often accompany a serious injury. You can take steps towards recovery by going after those responsible. Get in touch with our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer staff as soon as possible to discuss your case and determine if a lawsuit is your best option. Contact Stephen Bilkis & Associates at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free consultation. We have office locations throughout the New York City area in Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, in Queens and in Westchester County. We also have locations in the Long Island area in Nassau County and in Suffolk County.

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Great attorney helped out my family at a very hard time for us. His compassion and professionalism were greatly appreciated. Can't thank him and his staff enough for all the support and legal guidance ! Brad
Everyone was great, they created solutions to what I thought were insurmountable problems. The lawyers were prepared and clearly experienced. Thomas B.
Unbelievably easy and professional experience. Great communication and got the job done. Would highly recommend to anyone needing representation. Emily K.
Mr. Bilkis is courteous, and professional. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for many years. He is knowledgeable and hard working. Hire Stephen Bilkis for your all of your legal needs. He will fight for you and your family. Shawn S.