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When consumers purchase cars, buy toys for their children, use machinery at work and take medication, they do not expect the products to be dangerous. Unfortunately, there are far too many products that cause consumer serious injuries. For example, every year thousands of cars are recalled each year because they are in some way defective. Oftentimes vehicles are recalled only have people have been injured or killed in car accidents caused by the defect. There have been several cases in which medications have helped patients with one problem, only to cause patients to suffer from a different, often worse medical condition. If the medication had the proper label with appropriate instruction, the victims would not have been injured. If you or a family member was seriously injured by a defective product, it is important that you immediately contact an experienced Long Island defective product lawyer who will review the facts of your case and who will aggressively pursue damages on your behalf to compensate you for the losses you suffered.

Types of defective product claims

There are three types of defective product claims: failure to warn, manufacturing defect and design defect.

  • Failure to warn: If a product can be hazardous if not used correctly, then the manufacturer has the duty to warn consumers by proper labeling or instructions.
  • Manufacturing defect: If a product was not manufactured according to specifications, it may be dangerous. For example, if a scaffold is defective, it may collapse in a scaffold accident seriously injuring construction workers.
  • Design defect: The product was made according to specifications but is still dangerous because its design makes it inherently dangerous.
There have been a wide variety of products that have harmed victims because of the way there were designed, manufactured or labeled. Some well-known product defects cased have involved:
  • Child car seats
  • Cars, SUVs and trucks
  • Car tires
  • Baby cradles and swings
  • Food products
  • Medication
  • Medical devices
Defective product injuries

There are a variety of types of injuries that a victim can suffer from a defective product. In the case of defective heavy equipment found at construction sites and manufacturing plants, for example, injuries may include traumatic amputations, head injuries, bone fractures and back injuries. In the case of defective medications, injuries tend to be brain injuries, internal bleeding and damage to organs. When a car is defective, accidents occur leaving victims with broken bones, back injuries, neck injuries and burns.

Children have been seriously injured and killed due to defective car seats, dangerous toys and poorly designed swings, high chairs and other baby equipment.

Pursuing damages

A serious injury that resulted from using a defective product can impact not only your health, but also your ability to work and your ability to financially support your family. Through a personal injury lawsuit, you can shift the financial burden to the negligent party- the manufacturer of the defective product, or the distributor of the defective product. You can demand payment for the medical bill you accumulated because of the defective product as well as future medical bills related to your injury. You can also demand payment for lost wages and pain and suffering.


Joel was driving his brand new SUV on a highway at about 60 mph. As he was preparing to exit the highway, the car suddenly started to slow down. The engine had shut off. Joel tried to maneuver the vehicle to the shoulder. Other cars sped around him, beeping and barely avoiding hitting him. One car driven by Carl tried to drive around Joel, but ended up sideswiping Joel’s SUV, seriously injuring Joel. Joel later learned that the cause of his vehicle’s mechanical problem was a faulty ignition switch. With the help of a defective product attorney in Long Island, Joel filed a claim against the manufacturer of his SUV as well as against Carl.

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