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New York Circumcision Error

Circumcision is a common procedure during which the foreskin of an infant boy’s penis is removed. In some cases it is performed for medical reasons, while in other cases it is performed for religious reasons. It is estimated at over 60% of males are circumcised, either as infants, or at a later time. While circumcisions are routine procedures, mistakes are sometimes made, resulting in serious injuries. If your boy suffered a serious injury due to a botched circumcision, you deserve justice. It is important that you immediately contact a New York circumcision error lawyer who will review the facts of your child’s medical records and explain your legal options for compensation.

Common types of circumcision errors

When a child is injured due to a botched circumcision, the results can be serious for the child. Common circumcision errors include:

  • Excessive bleeding. There should be very little blood loss during circumcision.
  • Infection. This can lead to pain, inflammation and other complications.
  • Wound dehiscence. Wound dehiscence is a breakdown of the wound that occurs when the skin breaks open along the incision.
  • Trapped penis
  • Meatitis. Meatitis is occurred when the urethral opening becomes red and inflamed.
  • Severing of a part of the penis. Typically, when this happens, it is the tip of the penis that is severed.
  • Abnormal healing
  • Inclusion cysts
Pursuing compensation for a circumcision error

As an experienced New York circumcision error attorney will explain, just like any other birth injury, if your baby was the victim of a botched circumcision, you have the right to bring a claim against the negligent doctor on behalf of your child. You can seek damages for the medical expenses, including costs for corrective procedures. You can also seek damages for pain and suffering associated for both the physical pain and emotional suffering related to permanent deformities due to the botched circumcision.

In addition to errors made by medical staff, there have been many cases where the tools used to perform the circumcision have contributed to the baby’s injuries. As a circumcision error attorney in New York can explain, if the injury was caused by defective medical equipment, the baby and his parents may have the right to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective medical device.


An unsupervised resident performed a circumcision on two day old baby Harold. The resident removed a significant amount of the glans tissue. Despite multiple surgeries, the baby’s penis remained deformed, and his urine flow was permanently altered.

Three days after his birth, baby Bobby underwent a circumcision. The doctor botched the procedure, damaging his uretha. As a result there were holes in Bobby’s penis. Multiple reconstructive surgeries were necessary to attempt to repair the damage.

Latricia and Jerry’s 4 day-old son was scheduled for circumcision by a pediatrician. The pediatrician accidently cut off a significant portion of the baby’s penis during the procedure. Following the accident the medical staff failed to pack the amputated portion of the penis in ice so that it could be reattached. As a result the baby’s penis is permanently deformed and will not reach the size it otherwise would have achieved.

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