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While dogs are among the most common domestic pet, dogs can be quite dangerous. In fact over 4 million dog bites are reported each year. The injuries from dog attacks can range from moderate to severe, and may include puncture wounds, as well as broken bones, head injuries, and infections. Many people, especially children, have died from dog attacks. Owner can be held both criminally and civilly liable if their negligence led to the dog attack. If you, your child, or another family member was injured after being attacked by a dog, it is critical that you immediately contact an experienced New York City dog bite lawyer as you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Dog bite injuries

When a dog attacks, in addition to bites, there are a variety of other injuries that the victim may suffer.

  • Bites. A bite is a puncture wound.
  • Bone fractures. A dog bite that is so deep that it breaks a bone, damages muscle, and damages nerves. Dogs also often knock down their victims, resulting in broken arms, wrists, and skull fractures from the fall to the pavement.
  • Infections. When a dog bites, the saliva from the dog can cause infections.
  • Face, head and eye injuries. Large dogs in particular can easily bite a victim’s face. Even of the dog is not particularly large, the surprise of an attack my cause the victim to fall giving the dog easy access to the head and face, leading to serious trauma to the face, head and eyes.
  • Psychological injuries. Many victims of dog attacks suffer lingering emotional trauma such as PTSD, depression, and sleeplessness. Victims have reporting suffering nightmares about a dog attack years after the attack.

Sally was sitting on lawn chair at a neighbor’s backyard party when June, another neighbor, arrived with her dog. The unleashed dog immediately started to snarl at Sally and then quickly jumped on her. The dog bit Sally several times on the face, ripping part of her lip off. Sally was rushed to the hospital where she received 50 stitches on her face and skin grafts to replace skin that was ripped off in the attack. Sally was in and out the hospital for treatment for months and suffered nightmares about the attack for years. With the help of a dog bite attorney in New York City Sally sued June, demanding compensation for being negligent in not leashing her dangerous dog.

60-year-old Carla was taking her usual morning walk through her neighborhood, when she saw a dog running toward her. Carla turned around and started to run. The dog was much too fast for her. It jumped on her back and knocked her down. It then proceeded to bite her legs. Carla screamed and tried to get away. Moments later the Joy, the owner of the dog, arrived and was able to get the dog off of Carla. Carla was covered in blood and semi-conscious when the ambulance arrived. Carla remained in the hospital for two weeks with several broken bones and she developed infections in her legs where the dog bit her. After multiple surgeries to try to repair her damaged legs, the doctors had to amputate both legs above the knee. Carla filed a personal injury lawsuit against Joy for the dog attack.

Damages for a dog attack injuries

The owner of the dog or the person charged with care of the dog was negligent, and as a result the dog attacked, then the owner may be liable. Examples of negligence are failing to close and lock a fence or door, or failure to keep the dog leashed. The owner may also be liable for medical bills and other losses if the dog has been deemed a “dangerous dog,” based on biting, attacking or exhibiting aggressive behavior in the past.

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