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Construction Site Accidents

construction site accidentThe injuries suffered from a construction site accident can be severe and may lead to a permanent disability that can prevent an injured worker from being able to return to work and continue to support their family.

Many construction workers do not know that in New York, there are laws that specifically protect them who fall from any height, or are injured by a falling object, or when the worker is not provided with the proper safety equipment. These laws help protect construction workers by providing a settlement in addition to Workers' Compensation, even if the injured worker was partially responsible for the unfortunate accident.

Under New York Labor Law Section 240, injured workers and their families can sue property owners, contractors and other parties who are responsible for injuries and accidental deaths that have been caused by a dangerous construction site.

There is no question that construction work can be a hazardous trade. Due to this fact, federal and state laws strictly regulate workplace safety at construction sites. If you've been injured on a job site, the general contractor or your employer may has have failed to protect your safety in accordance with the law. Perhaps the contractor did not follow mandatory safety precautions or perhaps you were operating defective or improperly maintained machinery. Whatever the reason, we are ready to protect your interests and help you claim the benefits and compensation that you are owed.

Parties other than your employer may bear some responsibility for the injuries caused during your construction accident. These third parties may include the owner of the building or structure you were working on, the general or prime contractor, a project or construction manager, the architect or even equipment manufacturer. Additional damages can be recovered for:

  • Lost wages and work opportunities
  • Loss of pension, health insurance and medical benefits
  • Loss of household
  • Current and future pain and suffering

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