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Construction Site Falls

It is the responsibility of the construction companies to thoroughly inspect each work site with certified safety engineers and provide safety programs for employees. Despite efforts to regulate construction site safety, accidents continue to occur at an overwhelming frequency due to the nature of work and the variety of hazards faced by construction workers.

Some of the most common construction accidents are falls. Construction projects often require workers to do their job at high elevations. According to OSHA, nearly one construction worker is killed every day of the year in the United States as a result of falling from ladders, scaffolding and roofs.

Common construction site falls include roof related falls, crane falls, scaffolding falls, elevator shaft falls, falls from holes in the floor and falling objects.

  • Roof and ladder falls
    As one of the most common causes of death on a construction site, roof and ladder falls occur most often of any type of work-site accident. If you fall from a ladder because you weren't given a safety harness, or fall from a roof because the eaves lacked safety railings or netting, you can pursue a claim against the responsible third party for your injuries.

  • Scaffolding Falls
    Scaffolding refers to the temporary framework surrounding a structure that is used to support construction workers, equipment and building materials during the repair construction of that structure. Scaffolds can reach considerable heights and must be built and stabilized correctly to ensure the safety of those working on them. Unfortunately, scaffolding falls occur quite frequently, the most disturbing detail is when the accident could have been prevented had proper safety precautions been taken.

  • Crane Falls on Construction Site
    Crane operators receive special training to be able to maneuver in some of the most compromising situations. Unfortunately, when working at such great heights and when dealing with such erratic conditions, anything can happen. Operators can fall great heights and the machinery they use can topple and crash to the ground, resulting in very serious injuries.

  • Elevator Shaft Falls
    A plunge from just a couple feet can result in a serious, career-ending injury and even death for a construction worker. Tragically, many elevator shaft falls can be prevented easily with proper training and the implementation of mandatory safety regulations by the construction site manager.

  • Falls from holes in the floor
    Falls may occur on a construction site when holes in the floor are not marked properly. Falls caused by holes in the floor or weak flooring that gives way are a major risk for any construction site worker.

  • Falling Objects
    Construction site accidents don't have to involve a worker falling through an object, they sometimes involve materials falling on top of the worker. Construction workers are commonly hurt and even killed by falling debris in or around construction sites.

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