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Products Liability

products liabliltyThe Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates is a New York products liability law firm.  Their attorneys represent people in New York who were harmed by defective products.

Products may be defective if they were defectively designed or manufactured, or if they fail to warn of of potential safety hazards. Products liability law covers a vast array of products including cars, machines, tools, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, foods, toys, and clothing.

If a product has harmed you or a loved one, call Stephen Bilkis at 800.696.9529 to protect your rights and interests. We provide a free consultation to discuss your claim and how to seek full compensation for your physical, emotional and financial losses.

Client Reviews
My husband was driving his car home one evening and was struck from behind by a very expensive car. The driver that struck him was very arrogant aloof and could care less about what it happened in the accident and try to play my husband. The worst part was my husband was genuinely hurt and was in pain. Stephen Bilkis and associates got us justice. Not only did he win our case and Got us a great Financial victory. But we got the satisfaction of knowing that the jerk that hit us loss. So glad we had this to Bilkis to put him in his place. E.G.
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