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Common Construction Accidents

Whether on a small project for an individual homeowner, or on-site for a major commercial developer, construction workers must deal with some of the most dangerous working conditions faced by workers in any industry. Injuries caused by these accidents are often severe and can result in serious disability that may prevent the injured worker from ever returning to work.

The most common type of construction accident is construction falls. In addition to falls, there are a number of other dangers that construction workers face on a daily basis when they go to work:

  • Compressed gas hazards
    Mechanical and chemical dangers exist with the use of compressed gases on construction sites. Failure to follow safe handling procedures is responsible for hundreds of construction accidents each and every year.

  • Defective Machinery
    Product liability is an area of law that makes manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers who make products available to the public responsible for the injuries those products cause. Serious injury can result from dangerous moving or defective construction site machinery. In some cases, safe guards that are meant to protect workers are defected or not installed in the first place. Such preventable construction site accidents can occur when using power presses, nail guns and other dangerous machinery.

  • Electrical Accidents
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimate that nearly 350 construction workers are killed every year as a result of electrical accidents. These incidents are caused by electric shock, electrocution, steam accidents, burns and accidental contact with power lines. Due to these great dangers, OSHA created specific guidelines for construction workers to follow when dealing with these construction conditions. Unfortunately, these guidelines are not always followed or taken lightly, resulting in catastrophic injury and even death.

  • Fires and Explosions
    OSHA has determined that construction site fires and explosions are responsible for injuring nearly 5,000 workers and killing 200 workers every year. Due to these overwhelming numbers, specific guidelines have been established to curb the number of fires and explosions from occurring on construction sites.

  • Lack of Training and Safety Procedures
    Injuries can occur if construction workers are not given proper safety training or if they are unaware of potential hazards. It is the responsibility of employers, property owners or contractors to offer this training. Employees should make sure they have been trained properly for the equipment they are using and have sufficient safety procedures in place.

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