NYC Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the result of substandard care provided by a general surgeon, phlebotomist, specialist, radiologist, or lab technician. A delivery wounding a newborn causing a brain injury or an aging adult might receive the incorrect procedure resulting in a wrongful death . If you or loved one has been harmed as a result of a medical mistake or negligence, speak to a qualified NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates. You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Some damages available in these types of cases include:

Compensatory Damages

The return of losses one incurs after receiving less than average care is called Compensatory Damage. This may include repayment of unearned wages due to the accident or the cost for having to undergo corrective procedures, or compensation for the future from impairment or disfigurement. Our firm aggressively pursues compensation with the mission of putting those suffering from an injury to a more desirable situation than previous to the healthcare provider’s indiscretion and negligent act. Our legal team will also pursue compensatory damages on your behalf for a wide range of injury received, including injury from a car accident or an injury from a hit and run.

Punitive Damages

Our legal team work to obtain punitive damages, and have the medical worker that caused the harm be held responsible. The intent of punitive damages is to thwart future maltreatment.

At the time your NYC Personal Injury Lawyer receives notice of a medical malpractice claim, considerations must be made. First is the establishment of medical necessity of the treatment. For instance, a patient may receive a surgery that was not appropriate for their condition. Unfortunately, misjudgment of preliminary findings and testing can cause these situations.

Other examples of an offense may include:
  • an emergency room physician who misdiagnoses the patient’s indications;
  • a neurologist not getting authorized consent from the patient before surgery;
  • an anesthesiologist ignoring someone’s allergic reaction to anesthesia;
  • a surgeon leaving a surgical tool within a person;
  • a cardiologist distributing a faulty pacemaker;
  • procrastinating the delivery of a newborn, indifferent to the apparent indications of fetal stress; and
  • a pharmacist issuing a patient a wrong medication that may have a similar name.

The Statute of Limitations for filing petitions in the state of New York by any New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer is merely thirty months from the incident date. But, if the case is due to a foreign object left after surgery, the that statute has just twelve months to docket the petition from the date the foreign body was lost or needed to be noticed.

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