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An injury directly caused by a defective product can result in a product liability case, and these types of injuries happen all the time in several different situations. Defective products lead to many types of injury, ranging from lead paint injury to a broken bone to a more serious injury such as paralysis. Some of the types of accidents caused by a defective product could be a motorcycle or truck accident, ladder or scaffold accident, a bicycle accident, construction accident, and several more. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, our NYC Product Liability Lawyer team has seen numerous victims of such accidents each year.

Generally, there are three different types of claims involved in a product liability case with the first type being negligence. In such a case, our legal staff must prove negligence on the part of the designer or manufacturer of a dangerous product and evidence should show that the product failed at being safe. Negligence can be claimed if recklessness or carelessness toward a consumer’s safety was not addressed at the manufacturing level, and an injury resulted from the dangerous product.

Strict product liability and breach of warranty are the other two claims, and with these claims negligence does not need to be established. Strict product liability refers to a product being unsafe and possibly dangerous. To establish a strict product liability claim, an injury must be shown. In a breach of warranty claim, it must only be proven that an injury was the result of a defect on a product that was warranted by the manufacturer.

The designer, producer and supplier of a product are responsible and liable for any injury caused by a defective, dangerous or unsafe product. Product liability includes, but is not limited to, incorrectly produced medicine, which may also lead to a medical malpractice claim, an auto accident caused from improper or defective safety equipment, or imported products that do not meet importation regulations. The experienced staff on our team can help a victim steer the complex levels of liability and help you gain the legal compensation you deserve.

There is a vast array of products that can cause a consumer serious harm, and in some cases even death. Some of these products include:

  • Auto parts/vehicles
  • Airbags
  • Prescription medication
  • Appliances
  • Toys
  • Tires

The result of these using these hazardous products can result in permanent injury to a victim. Injuries can be physical, emotional and financial. It our legal team can prove that the injury was a result of the product being defective, the defendant can be held liable for compensatory damages.

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