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Valuing an Airplane Crash Case

Airplane travel today is considered quite safe, and accidents are thought to be uncommon. When they do occur however, they are more deadly than other types of accidents. When valuing an airplane accident case, there are many factors to consider such as; the severity of the injuries, the amount of lost wages, expense of ongoing or future medical care, and the amount of insurance coverage. If you have been injured, it is important to speak with a New York City Airplane Crash Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates for guidance.

There are many factors that are involved in a plane crash, such as the type and size of the plane involved. Small planes are thought to be more apt to crash due to pilot error or bad weather, though no type of aircraft is immune. Irrespective of the kind of plane involved, pilots and airline companies are required to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Any failure to follow these rules or negligence on the part of the pilot or crew can result in legal liability.

When valuing an airplane accident case, choosing the correct law firm to handle your case is key. Our experienced attorneys have achieved successful results for thousands of cases. Our New York court verdicts and settlement amounts have ranged from one million dollars ($1,000,000) to as high as sixty-nine million dollars ($69,000,000).

Here are a few things a New York City airplane accident lawyer would commonly take into consideration when valuing an airplane accident case:

Extent of Physical Injuries: One of the most important areas that you will need to compensate for is your medical expenses. How badly were you injured? Are you able to return to work? How long were you off work? What is the amount of medical bills and do you anticipate further medical expenses in the future? These questions need to be answered to determine your medical damages. Often, airplane crash victims suffer from extensive brain injuries, broken bones and spinal injuries. The cost of the injuries sustained in your accident are part of your damages.

Loss of Quality of Life/Pain and Suffering: While no one can ever compensate you for the physical and emotional pain and suffering you have been through, the courts will look at various things to determine a dollar amount that is commensurate with your pain and suffering. They will look at the nature of the injuries and your medical records, as well as determine whether you now have permanent impairment

Insurance: The amount of insurance coverage will play an important part of your case. Also, it is important to note that each insurance company operates by their own set of rules and policies. The policy limits involved in your case will have a direct impact on your case. If for instance, the insurance policy limit in your case is $1,000,000 you will be hard pressed to receive an award higher than that amount. An airplane accident lawyer in New York City will be aware that there may be other avenues to pursue. Often entities will keep an umbrella policy in addition to their other insurance coverage for instance.

Loss of Income: Economic damages address any lost wages that you have experienced because of the accident. Also, the court may also include inflation and costs of living increases when calculating these amounts. If your accident has caused permanent injuries and you will be unable to work, your future loss of income will be an important consideration and can run into the millions of dollars.

While every case result will vary, the following are a few cases that have recently been decided:

Kings County NY-$4,000,000 Verdict: Motor vehicle and pedestrian collide causing serious injury.

Nassau County, NY-$1,200,000 Verdict: Wrongful death after being hit by motor vehicle.

New York County, NY-$5,000,000 Verdict: Plaintiff struck and run over by vehicle on New York street.

If you have been injured in an airplane crash, valuing an airplane accident case can be challenging. You may still be recovering from your injuries and unable to work, all the while the medical bills continue to pile up. Speak to one of our skilled airplane accident lawyers in one of our New York City locations. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we can start to collect your accident reports, photographs and medical records, the sooner we can create a solid strategy to help you move forward. Whether you have suffered from an airplane accident, construction accident, slip and fall or auto accident, we will provide you with sound legal guidance and a free consultation.

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