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Westchester County Broken Bone Injury

Breaking a bone is always painful. However, you may not be aware that this type of injury can be very serious and can cause life-threatening complications. For example, a pelvic fracture suffered in a car accident can lead to uncontrollable bleeding and neurological problems, which can be fatal. Someone who suffers a skull fracture from a slip and fall accident could experience life-threatening brain injury. A broken or fractured bone often creates the need for corrective surgery, and can result in permanent loss of mobility to the affected area. A bone fracture is painful, and disrupts your life in so many ways. If you suffered a broken bone in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another person or entity, it is important that you immediately contact a Westchester County broken bone lawyer who will help you devise a legal course of action to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Types of broken bones

Types of fractures include compound, greenstick and simple fractures. A compound fracture is considered the most severe type of bone injury. In a compound fracture, the bone is broken in a manner that causes the bone to penetrate the skin, causing skin and tissue tearing. This is often the type of facture that victims of car accidents suffer. Children will often experience a greenstick fracture, which is where the bone bends and a portion splinters, but does not become detached. A simple fracture is the most common type in fracture, where there is no surrounding tissue damage and the bone does not penetrate the skin. The seriousness of the fracture depends on how the injury took place, and the age of the victim. An elderly person could experience a more serious injury than a younger person.

While a compound fracture where the bone pierces the skin is easy to identify, in many cases it may not be immediately clear that you have a broken bone. Symptoms include pain, swelling, bleeding, and bruising.

Depending on type of bone fracture and its severity, treatment typically involves immobilizing he fracture using a splint. In some cases surgery is also required. This is usually the case when the fracture involves loose bone fragments, crushed bones, or damage to the ligaments. With severe breaks such as when the bone pieces the skin, infection and other complications are possible, necessitating additional surgeries or even amputation of the limb.

After the fracture has healed, physical therapy may be required to reduce stiffness and strengthen muscles. It can take several weeks for a bone fracture to completely heal and for the victim to complete treatment and physical therapy.

Pursuing compensation for a broken bone injury

Under New York law those who cause injury to others due to negligence, recklessness, or deliberately can be held financially accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. That means that you can file a lawsuit and if you prevail, you will end up with an order requiring the negligent person to pay you compensation for the losses you suffered as a result of the accident.

As a victim you know that while medical bills related to a bone fracture are an expense related to injury, you also know that there are losses. You can demand that the negligent person also reimburse you for your lost wages. While recovering from your injury you may miss several days, weeks or even months of work. This means that you miss receiving your normal paycheck and that you miss out on other compensation and benefits from your job. Furthermore, you can demand compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced.

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