Westchester County SUV Accident

SUVs or sport utility vehicles have been increasing in popularity throughout the United States. Along with this increase, the number of SUV- related traffic accidents has also been growing. Due to the different size and design of the SUV, the driver and passenger’s potential for a severe injury are increased. The types of injuries can be permanent and debilitating and include spinal injury, amputations, broken bones as well as brain injury. If you have been injured in an accident involving a sports utility vehicle, speak with the legal team at Stephen Bilkis and Associates for guidance.

Sport utility vehicles are notorious for rollover accidents because they possess an elevated center of gravity. This factor can make them harder to control and easier to flip. Our legal team has performed research on vehicle-related fatality statistics. They discovered that an enormous 10,000 individuals are killed in rollover vehicle accidents in a twelve month period. Additional research also revealed that out of all passenger deaths, approximately 33% were due to a flipped vehicle. SUVs figured prominently in our research, with more than 35% of traffic accident deaths involving sport utility vehicles. It is hard to ignore the reality of the situation when considering how many people die annually due to traffic incidents.

You can work against the growing statistics by becoming a safe SUV driver. If you own an SUV, make sure you understand what can cause it to flip. It does not take high travel speeds and violent turns to cause your sport utility vehicle to roll. Monitor speeds and stay within legal limits. Also be aware of the proper way to pack your SUV and never overload it. This can cause it to become top heavy, which makes the vehicle more susceptible to rolling over. Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, always obey traffic signals, signs and laws.

Every Westchester Injury Lawyer in our office sees their share of injury due to an SUV-related incident. You can easily suffer an injury, even when you are traveling at low speeds. Sport utility vehicles are large and heavy, and impact can cause broken bones, paralysis, back injury, head injury, brain damage, spinal injury and much worse. In some cases, you may even experience brain injury, mental impairment, contusions or other permanent physical damage.

Sport utility vehicles may seem enticing because of their many benefits. They offer more storage space and can easily hold more passengers. Some also provide increased leg room and a number of luxurious features. Your model may come with the latest safety features, but these cannot protect you from a rollover. If you own or plan to own an SUV, then you must educate yourself on how to safely maintain control of them while driving.

These vehicles are taller vehicles and often have trouble taking turns as well as a car does. This can be a challenge during normal weather conditions. When something changes, such as a heavy downpour or a covering of slippery ice and snow, you can easily lose control while taking a turn you have maneuvered numerous times in the past. This can eventually lead to a serious auto accident.

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