Westchester County Loss of Sight Injury

The loss of sight may well be one of the most difficult injuries one can endure. Partial or complete blindness impacts every facet of your life, including your, your job, your ability to enjoy life, and the manner in which you interact with your friends and family members. Injuries that affect your ability to see typically include injuries that pierce the eye or injuries to the head. Such injuries can happen in construction accidents, auto accidents, and falls. If you have lost all or part of your vision in an accident that you believe was caused by another person, immediately contact an experienced Westchester County personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for the losses you suffered due to the accident including reimbursement for medical expenses both present and future, loss of income and pain and suffering.

Causes of vision loss

Losing vision can be the result of a number of different mishaps and injuries. While it's true that blindness can come through a genetic defect or as the result of a disease, injuries caused by accidents are often due to the negligence of another person or party. A chemical splash that happens at a factory or other work-related mishap, such as with a construction accident, can result in a workers’ compensation claim against the negligent employer. In addition, a number of vision injuries are due to medical malpractice incidents, as in the case of a botched Lasik operation or other type of eye surgery. Commonly, causes of eye injuries include:

  • Car accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Brain Injury
  • Animal attacks
  • Explosions
  • Exposure to chemicals/ inadequate safety protocols in place
  • Workplace injuries
  • Fireworks

There are five primary types of injuries to the eye that one can sustain. These are detached retina, cataracts, laceration, glaucoma and abrasions. Not all eye injuries cause permanent blindness and some will heal either partially or fully over time. Serious eye injuries, however, often lead to permanent vision loss.

A traumatic head injury can easily lead to retinal detachment, in which case, surgery will be required to repair the damage. Failure to get immediate medical attention for a detached retina can result in permanent blindness. An eye can receive a burn from bright light much in the way that skin can. This can happen as a result from overexposure from ultraviolet light or in a blinding flash.

Damage occurring to the eye does not always mean total vision loss, as a person who has corrected eyesight of 20/200 will still be considered legally blind, and will usually require ongoing therapy as well as visual aids to assist them in their day-to-day living.

Pursuing damages

An accident that causes a catastrophic injury such as a loss of sight will have a significant impact on our life. There you will face significant medical bills for treatment, medication, assistive equipment and counseling. Your career may be in jeopardy as you may not be able to continue to work at the same job. You will at a minimum miss work as your recover from your injury and adjust to life with a significant vision loss.

Dealing with a loss of sign injury is not only physically difficult, it is also psychologically challenge. You may experience of myriad of emotions including sadness, anger, and depression, irritability.

Through a personal injury lawsuit you can demand compensation from the person who caused your injury for your medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning potential, pain and suffering and other losses.

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