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What is the Value of an Amputation Case?

There are many ways an amputation injury can occur. Regardless of how it happens, everyone can agree that it is a devastating injury physically and emotionally. If you have suffered an amputation injury, there is little argument you may be permanently disfigured, require ongoing medical care, and be unable to work.

The most common causes of an amputation include:

  • Car accident
  • Machinery accident (farming, factory work)
  • Construction accident
  • Medical malpractice

Currently, it is estimated that 1.8 million people live with amputations. While many recover and carry on with their lives, others have a difficult time and deal with continuous pain.

Amputees often report "phantom pain" which can last indefinitely. Phantom pain is where the amputee experiences pain their amputated limb. Even though the limb is no longer there, they experience it as if it was. Other complications that can occur include neuromas, bone spurs, and atrophy of the part of the limb that remains. All of these problems create continuous pain and suffering and a loss of quality of life.

If you have been injured, you understandably feel confused, and need to speak with someone that you can trust. Stephen Bilkis and Associates has been helping accident victims for decades. We have a reputation in the community that has been built on success. We have received over a half billion dollars ($500,000,000) in settlements and jury verdicts for our injured clients. We are here to help you put the pieces of your life back together and move forward.

What is My Case Worth?

The value of a case depends on many things. What type of accident were you in? Do you have other injuries? What are the circumstances surrounding the incident? The most important thing to determine however, is what is the amount of your damages? Damages are the losses that you have experienced because of your injury. They can include monetary losses as well as pain and suffering.

Medical Costs

When you are injured, you are traumatized and are trying to focus and getting your life back on track. You are probably not working, and at the worst possible time, the medical bills start piling up. With a serious injury such as an amputation, this can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have a right to be compensated for these expenses, as well as expenses that you could incur in the future.

Loss of Income

With an amputation injury, you have undoubtedly lost time from work. Even with prosthetics and physical therapy, going back to your former line of work may not be possible. Your loss of income from your job is part of your damages figure. If you are permanently unable to return to work you will be reimbursed for this loss as well.

Pain and Suffering

Every injury causes of a certain degree of pain, but needless to say an amputation injury is significant. You may have endured substantial emotional and physical pain because of your injury. You are entitled to reimbursement for your pain and suffering. Because this is such a subjective thing, the court uses a formula to figure out a fair dollar amount.

Insurance Considerations

Insurance policy limits are critical. If the policy limit is one million dollars for example, you may not be able to receive an award higher than that amount. Your lawyer will investigate this thoroughly and also look for any other sources of payment, such as an umbrella policy.

Every case is unique. However here are a few examples of personal injury awards from the New York area:

Kings County, NY - $1,800,000 Verdict
Defendant physician failed to diagnose dangerous condition.

Schenectady County, NY - $6,800,000 Verdict
Fall at work causes fracture and traumatic brain injury.

Bronx City, NY - $2,000,000 Verdict
Accident at work causes Plaintiff's hand to be crushed.

Contact Stephen Bilkis and Associates for guidance and a free consultation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get to work and get you the compensation you deserve. We have offices to serve you throughout the New York area, including locations in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County. Call us today at 800.696.9529.

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