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Bronx Crane Accident Lawyer

A crane is a massive piece of equipment that is used to live and move heavy loads. The are commonly used in construction, but are also used in manufacturing and shipbuilding. The are made of a boom ( the long arm), a jib (the lattice-type structure attached to the end of the boom), the hook (the way for materials to be attached to it), and the cab (the box where the operator sits while working the crane). Cranes can weight 10 tons and can lift loads of over 30 tons. When there is an accident with a crane, the consequences can be devastating to victims. Victims can suffer neck, back, and brain injuries. Such injuries can result in permanent disability and even death. If you or a loved one was injured in a crane accident, contact an experienced Bronx crane accident lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates who will review your case and work hard to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Crane Safety

Despite federal and local rules are in place to ensure safe use of cranes, accidents do happen. Many of these accidents occur due to operator negligence or mechanical failure.

  • Power line accidents. About 40% of crane accidents are caused by the crane hitting power lines.
  • Boom collapse. This occurs when the boom buckles and falls.
  • Dropped loads. A dropped load can injure workers and bystanders.
  • Overturning. A crane can overturn if it is overloaded.
  • Improper operation. Operator error can lead to accidents.
  • Poor maintenance. If a crane is not properly maintained, it can fail cause dropped loads and other accidents.
Injuries From a Crane Accident

Crane accidents can involve injuries to workers on the ground as well as pedestrians. Because of the size and weight of cranes and because of the size and weight of loads they carry, when someone is injured, the injuries are often serious.

Common injuries include traumatic brain injuries, injuries to the back and spinal cords, and broken bones. Sadly, crane accidents often result in death. One of the most deadly crane accidents in New York history was in 2008 when a 200-foot-tall tower crane collapsed in Manhattan. Seven people died and 24 were injured.

Pursuing a Claim

If you are injured in a crane accident, you have the right to compensation. However, the amount of compensation and the form it takes depends on whether the accident is covered by workers’ compensation insurance or if you have standing to pursue a personal injury claim. Contact an experienced crane accident attorney in the Bronx at Stephen Bilkis & Associates to discuss your case so that a determination can be made as to the best way to proceed with your case.

While benefits available through workers compensation insurance are limited, through a personal injury lawsuit you may be entitled to receive the following:

  • Medical expenses: You can demand compensation for all of your medical bills related to the injuries suffered in the crane accident. This includes past, current, and future medical bills.
  • Lost wages: You can demand compensation for compensation you lost due to the inability work because of the injury you sustained in the crane accident.
  • Pain and suffering: You can demand compensation for compensation related to your physical pain and suffering as well as you mental pain and suffering that stem from the crane accident.
  • Wrongful death. Sadly, when it comes to crane accidents, sometimes victims do not survive. While nothing can replace a lost loved one, damages from a wrongful death claims can help ease the financial burden related to the loss of a loved one.
Contact Stephen Bilkis & Associates

If were injured in a crane accident, you deserve to be compensated. Accidents at construction sites that involve heaving equipment such as cranes are complicated. It’s critical that you have experienced representation. Contact an experienced crane accident attorney serving the Bronx at Stephen Bilkis & Associates at 1-800-NY-NY-LAW (1-800-696-9529) to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your car accident. We represent clients in the following locations: Westchester County , Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, and Suffolk County.

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