NY Motorcycle Accident

The NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates has experience with the high number of serious traffic injuries that involve motorcycles. A crash on a motorcycle can cause the rider and their passenger to sustain road rash, broken bones, significant brain injury, back and other types of spinal injury that can cause paralysis, neck injury and even, in some cases, wrongful death. It can't be stressed enough that when people are involved in a motorcycle accident, the results can be catastrophic.

The Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While there is no primary cause of motorcycle accidents, a large portion are actually due to the negligence of another driver. Our NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyer staff knows that the reason these types of accidents happen so frequently is because the motorcyclist is harder to see by drivers of other vehicles, and that riders lack the heavy protection that automobile drivers enjoy. Because of this fact, people who ride motorcycles are in greater danger of getting seriously injured by the carelessness of other drivers, imperfect roads, severe weather and slick road surfaces.

It should also be noted that motorcycle accidents can be the result of faulty components or other equipment. In the event that this happens, you should consider contacting a NY Personal Injury Lawyer to ascertain whether you should pursue a product liability claim against the maker or the distributor of the component.

Our legal team understands how severe an injury due to a motorcycle accident can be. That's why our lawyers will work hard to ensure that those who are suffering from an injury get fairly compensated.

Stats on Motorcycle Accidents

New York has the sixth largest number of people licensed to ride motorcycles in the United States. Because motorcycles have become so popular in recent years, New York is seeing a spike in the number of accidents involving motorcycles. While injures from motorcycle crashes range from severe to catastrophic, the most devastating are:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns and road rash
  • Spinal cord or back injury
  • Neck or brain injury
  • Amputation
  • Eye injuries and/or blindness
  • Death
After An Accident

If you've been hurt in an accident, getting help from a NY Injury Lawyer could be one of the best moves you make. An experienced attorney can steer you through the sometimes maze-like New York legal process and help to secure fair compensation for your injury and property damage. Of course, an accident victim has to deal with the process of healing in addition to other difficulties, but having a good legal counsel can ease the burden of having to deal with the insurance companies and the responsible parties.

Our firm is experienced at handling motorcycle accident suits. The lawyers who work for our firm can provide legal advice, in addition to vigorous representation for you. If you’re suffering from an injury due to a motorcycle accident or have sustained another personal injury, or if you've lost a loved one in a motorcycle-related mishap, please consider contacting our firm promptly so that we can ensure your legal rights are protected and secure the fair compensation you deserve.

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