NY Paraplegia Injury

Every year, about 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injury occur. This does not include people who die from a spinal cord injury. When an injury to the spinal cord occurs below the first thoracic spinal nerve, paraplegia occurs. Paraplegia causes a loss of feeling and movement in the legs. Being a paraplegic can result in an injury that causes a decrease in leg movement or an injury that causes a complete loss of leg movement. Paraplegia does not involve paralysis of the arms and hands.

The most common cause of spinal cord injury is an auto accident, including crashes or accidents caused by defective products or faulty equipment and SUV rollover accidents. As a result of someone’s negligence a person may suffer a spinal cord injury in a construction accident, scaffold accident, ladder accident or other slip and fall accident.

A victim of a spinal cord injury can go from having a healthy, active life to having to pay for home health care, rehabilitation and may be forced to worry about holding down a job and the effects the injury can have on the survivor’s family and friends. Here at Stephen Bilkis and Associates, our experienced NY Personal Injury Lawyer team understands just how radically these life changes can affect you and your loved ones. Our staff can help you understand how the accident occurred and provide advice regarding your legal rights.

Often, paralysis brings physical symptoms to mind, but our experienced NY Paraplegia Lawyer staff recognizes there can also be emotional effects from a spinal injury. We understand that it is a long road to recovery and that a spinal cord injury victim will need to learn extensive coping skills. Our skilled NY Paraplegia Lawyer group at Stephen Bilkis and Associates understands what resources are available and how to make the seemingly impossible become possible again.

Our qualified NY Paraplegia Lawyer team cannot remove the physical limitations and complications of a spinal injury such as paraplegia, but we can attempt to ease your stressful thoughts of the future. Remember that you are not alone in this. You should contact our experienced NY Paraplegia Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis and Associates to discuss your legal options and get advice regarding the direction you should take during this difficult time of your life.

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