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The Value of an SUV Accident

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) have gained popularity in the recent past. Statistics show in fact, that one out of every four vehicles purchased is a sports utility vehicle. Because of their size and special features for handling family travel they can be a smart choice. However, accidents in these vehicles are not uncommon. If you have been hurt in an SUV accident, speak to a skilled New York City SUV accident lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates. You have a right to be compensated for your damages.

SUVs generally have a high center of gravity, and tend to be taller and narrower than traditional vehicles. These characteristics make them particularly prone to rollover accidents. Rollovers produce more injuries than other types of accidents. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that in 2005 alone, 4,000 people were killed by rollover accidents, and another 84,000 were injured.

If you have been injured in an suv accident, you may be wondering what the value of a SUV accident is, and if you should pursue a lawsuit.

The most important step you can take in addressing your accident is to speak with a law firm you can trust. A New York City SUV accident Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates will be uniquely qualified to help you. They will gather all the evidence surrounding your accident and set to work creating a strategy to get you the compensation you deserve. Their reputation stands on the successful results they have gotten their clients. The amount of verdicts and settlements they have obtained for their clients now totals over one half billion dollars ($500,000,000). Additionally, the last 200 hundred favorable verdicts and settlements they have received have all been over 1 million dollars ($1,000,000).

Determining the Value of an SUV Accident

The first question a client normally asks involves the value of an SUV accident. To address this question, an experienced would look at the following areas.

Medical Damages

Medical damages are the medical expenses that you have incurred as a result of your accident. This would include all doctor's bills, hospital bills, ambulance fees, medications, therapy and more. This amount would also take into account your past, present and future medical expenses.

Lost Income

If you were seriously injured, chances are you have missed work as a result of your accident. You are entitled to be compensated for your lost wages. This will take into account wages you will likely lose in the future.

Pain and Suffering

The court takes into consideration the pain and suffering you have endured as the result of another person's negligence. You may be contending with a broken bone injury, head or back injury. Because this number is difficult to quantify and everyone's experience is unique, an SUV lawyer from New York City will use a calculation to arrive a fair figure.

Insurance Considerations

Insurance can have a significant impact on your outcome. If the defendant's policy is for 1 million dollars ($1,000,000), you will have a hard time getting an award higher than that amount. That being said, your lawyer will look to find other avenues to pursue such as determining whether there was an umbrella policy in place.

When all of these matters are taken into account, our lawyers will be able to give you a rough estimate of what you may be able to receive. These are some recent verdicts for personal injury cases in the New York area:

Orange County, New York - $2,350,000 Verdict: Snow plow hits vehicle causing serious injuries.

New York City, New York - $10,346,656 Verdict: Plaintiff falls into gap at subway station, hit by train mechanism.

Nassau County, New York - $1,200,000 Verdict: Wrongful death due to motor vehicle negligence.

Determining the value of an SUV accident can be complicated. Come in and speak with a SUV accident attorney from any of their New York City locations. They have offices in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens, as well as Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County. Call them today for a free consultation at 800.696.9529.

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