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Thousands of people suffer serious injury in accidents every year. These injuries can be caused by a truck accident, car accident, motorcycle accident or SUV accident. According to figures released by the Department of Motor Vehicles, there were over 300,000 accidents in 2008 and a significant number of those accidents involved an SUV.

According to our NY Wrongful Death Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis and Associates, a personal injury in an SUV accident is usually caused when the SUV rolls over. This happens because these vehicles often have a higher center of gravity than regular passenger vehicles, which makes them more susceptible to rolling over. It's unfortunate, but the very things that attract people to owning an SUV are the same things that make them dangerous. SUVs are marketed as off-road vehicles, but in most cases, they do not provide appropriate protection for extreme driving conditions. Additionally, many drivers aren't experienced in driving off-road and that inexperience can lead to a rollover accident.

Our legal team has found that more than 10,000 people have been fatally injured in SUV rollover accidents. Examining accident statistics, our team learned that a staggering 33% of all passenger deaths occur in a rollover accident.

While driving any type of vehicle is risky, there are ways to reduce your chance of being in an SUV rollover accident. First, a driver should learn the safe operational procedures of the vehicle, which are provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Also, be careful not to add additional weight (over what is recommended by the manufacturer) to the top of the sport utility vehicle because that can increase the chance of it rolling over. As with any vehicle, it's vital that you obey posted traffic laws and speeds, especially when navigating tight corners because this is an area where SUVs tend to be most susceptible to a rollover accident. Lastly, while driving off-road is fun, it's important to be more careful when you're in unfamiliar terrain. If you're not experienced at off-road driving, don't take unnecessary risks.

Being severely injured in a SUV accident can mean lost wages and mounting medical expenses as you undergo treatment. In some cases, a traumatic injury can leave you out of work for weeks or months. If you've suffered a traumatic injury in an SUV accident or other type of auto accident, then contact the legal team at Stephen Bilkis and Associates to find out about your legal options. Our lawyers can help you deal with insurance companies while you concentrate on the healing process.

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