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NYC Boat Accident

A NYC Boat Accident Lawyer will explain to you that more often than not, a Boat Accident takes place on a pleasure craft as opposed to a cargo vessel or commercial ship. Small boats, as well as wave runners and jet skis all are considered pleasure craft. A Boat Accident can be caused by a water activity as well, like diving, parasailing, fishing and waterskiing. If the Boat Accident occurred in navigable waters maritime laws will apply. If the Boat Accident occurred in non-navigable waters the accident will be subject to state law. If you are the victim of a Boat Accident, it is important to consult with a NYC Boat Accident Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates. Because of the various laws that could be involved and the complexities associated with a Boat Accident, it is important to speak with a New York Injury Lawyer from our office to guide you through the process.

Sometimes a Boat Accident can be prevented. Particularly with incidents involving pleasure crafts, alcohol is often a factor. The vessel may not have the requisite floatation devices onboard, such as life vests, or passengers may fail to use them. Sadly, drowning accounts for 2/3 of all Boat Accident fatalities. Contributing factors can also include negligence or inattention by the boat operator, or inexperience. Serious injuries can result from a Boat Accident such as a head injury, which often includes a Brain Injury, broken bones and even a Spinal Injury can result.

Negligence leading to a Boat Accident is commonly a problem because people often do not realize the dangers involved with boating. There are no seatbelts, and a boat cannot stop abruptly or make quick maneuvers. This can lead to an accident. Add alcohol and a water sport where the operator may be distracted, and you have a likelihood of a Boat Accident occurring.

An accident that happens on the water is subject to a different set of laws and rules than if the accident happened on the road. As such, it is important to secure the guidance of a NYC Boat Accident Lawyer for guidance. Whether you have been involved in a Boat Accident, or have been involved in a Car Accident, bike accident, SUV Accident or motorcycle accident, the qualified lawyers from Stephen Bilkis and Associates are ready to help. When you contact our office, you will speak with an experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyer and will receive a free consultation. We have locations throughout New York including NYC (Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island). On Long Island we have offices in both Nassau County as well as Suffolk County. We also have offices in Westchester County. Contact today for your appointment at 800.696.9529.

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My husband was driving his car home one evening and was struck from behind by a very expensive car. The driver that struck him was very arrogant aloof and could care less about what it happened in the accident and try to play my husband. The worst part was my husband was genuinely hurt and was in pain. Stephen Bilkis and associates got us justice. Not only did he win our case and Got us a great Financial victory. But we got the satisfaction of knowing that the jerk that hit us loss. So glad we had this to Bilkis to put him in his place. E.G.
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