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NYC Airplane Crash

They say that traveling by airplane is actually a safer method of transportation than driving a car. Whether this is true or not, an Airplane Crash can still happen. These accidents can cause significant emotional trauma and serious physical injuries. The legal intricacies of these situations are always unique, and can be complex. If you have been injured in an aviation accident, call a NYC Airplane Crash Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates right away.

In order to determine the reason for the crash and who is at fault, investigators must painstakingly create a chain of events that will help determine the cause. This work is extremely difficult and time consuming. If you have been in an aviation accident, it is in your best interests to speak to our legal team right away. They will conduct their own investigation and get down to the facts of what, or who caused the accident.

An accident can be complex, because it can involve not only state and federal laws, but international law as well. The Federal Aviation Act was enacted to govern the safety standards of all aspects of air travel, from flight operations, to airplane manufacturing, to pilot conduct. Some may not know that the airlines are authorized to put a tariff on each passenger. This tariff limits the airline's liability to $75,000. If however, the airline can be found negligent, the plaintiff may recover a higher amount. There are also different regulations to deal with depending on what type of plane is involved (private, commercial or military for instance). For these reasons, it is important to secure the guidance of our firm to assist you with your case and ensure that your rights are protected and your case is handled properly. Whether you have a Wrongful Death matter, or a case that deals with a Head Injury, and/or a traumatic Brain Injury, broken bone or Spinal Injury, we can help you obtain just compensation for the harm you have suffered. Be aware that there are strict time deadlines to file a claim. It is important not to delay action; if the deadline is missed you can be barred from filing your claim.

If you have been injured on an airplane, it is important to know that the airplane does not have to be in the air at the time of the injury in order to have a claim. If it can be shown that your injury was the fault of another or the airline, you still may have a valid case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an aviation accident, speak with an experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyer from our legal team right away. We will provide you with legal advice and also a free consultation. If you have been injured from a motorcycle accident or Automobile Accident, we can answer all of your legal questions and help you put together a plan of action so that you can get the compensation you deserve. We have offices throughout NYC including Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We have offices in Westchester County, and in Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island. Call us today for an appointment at 800.696.9529.

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My husband was driving his car home one evening and was struck from behind by a very expensive car. The driver that struck him was very arrogant aloof and could care less about what it happened in the accident and try to play my husband. The worst part was my husband was genuinely hurt and was in pain. Stephen Bilkis and associates got us justice. Not only did he win our case and Got us a great Financial victory. But we got the satisfaction of knowing that the jerk that hit us loss. So glad we had this to Bilkis to put him in his place. E.G.