NYC Loss of Sight Injury

Blindness can be a devastating injury for someone to deal with in everyday life. Since nearly all activities in life are dependent on our sight, suffering this injury can be life changing. Sometimes, blindness may be caused by natural causes, such as a disease or genetic abnormality. However, in some cases, the injury is more often caused by traumatic head trauma which caused a head or brain injury. If you have suffered an injury because of another’s dangerous action, please contact the NYC Loss of Sight Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates for a free consultation to discuss you legal rights.

Eye damage can stem from various types of accidents, including a slip and fall accident, automobile or motorcycle accident, athletic or sports accident or a construction accident or other work-related accident, which may also entitle a victim to a workers compensation claim. Such an accident leading to loss of sight may be due to someone else’s negligence.

The injury could be the result of a medical malpractice such as a mistake during a medical procedure, like Lasik surgery. A wide variety of eye injuries, including burns from extreme bright lights or ultraviolet lights, can stem from such an accident including: corneal abrasions or lacerations, glaucoma, cataracts, and/or retinal detachment, which require immediate medical attention or permanent loss of sight may be inevitable. In minor eye injury cases, some or all of the lost eyesight may be regained, but in others, especially those without proper treatment and care, permanent disability can be the result.

These types of injuries are commonly seen in construction accidents. An explosion, chemical exposure, power tool malfunction or other injury can damage vision. If the accident occurred at work, workers compensation can provide some compensation, but often for these devastating injuries it isn’t enough. In NY, you are able to file third party personal injury claims in some cases. If you are permanently disabled, the victim also may be eligible for social security disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration defines blindness as “central visual acuity20/200 or less in the better eye with the best correction, or a limitation in the field of vision in the better eye so that the widest diameter of the visual field is subtends an angle of 20 degrees or less. This means that if a person’s eye sight is 20/200 in both eyes with glasses or contacts, they will qualify for benefits. Contact our legal team to learn more about your legal rights.

Not only will a victim with this injury lose the ability to work and function normally with everyday tasks, the medical expenses can overwhelm a family, as can the emotional toll. Often a victim of this injury must also seek psychological treatment to deal with such a traumatic event.

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