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Car Defects

Stephen Bilkis & Associates represent client who have been injured in car accidents as a result of faulty design or defective manufacturing. A design defect may be common to all vehicles of the same make and model and can be the cause for your car accident.

In other situations, a defect may be present in only a limited number of vehicles due to a flawed manufacturing process, such as recent trends with tire manufacturers producing defective batches of tires with treads that separate at high speeds, SUV's that are more likely to rollover causing roof crushes, or an airbag that deploys when there is no accident.

  • SUV Rollovers
    SUV rollover accidents are common today because of instability and a flawed design.  Lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle or widening the wheel base would help to make these vehicles safer, however, such changes are costly and automakers often choose less expensive modifications. The fact of the matter is that SUV's do not respond the same way cars do when changing lanes abruptly, traveling at a high rate of speed and turning around corners. As a result, thousands of people are killed or seriously injured in SUV accidents every year.

  • Tire Defects
    Tread and belt separation is usually caused by weak rubber to steel adhesion. During a tire separation accident, the steel reinforcements within the tire will free themselves from the rubber, resulting in a tire blowout. Even if the tire remains inflated, the driver commonly loses control due to the loose tread catching on the undercarriage of the vehicle. These failures lead to violent crashes and rollovers that have killed and injured thousands.

  • Airbag Defects
    Airbags deploy rapidly and can cause serious, even fatal injuries to passengers. Late or unnecessary airbag deployments injure, maim and in some cases kill motorists and passengers every year. Various airbag defects include; the airbag deploying in a collision slower than 10 miles per hour, frontal airbag failing to deploy, side torso or head airbag failing to deploy
If you've suffered a personal injury or property damage as a result of defective car equipment, call Stephen Bilkis & Associates today. We represent individuals who have been harmed by other drivers and are familiar with the special laws applying to New York drivers.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates are highly experienced personal injury attorneys. If you have been injured by a defective car product, and are in need of an experienced auto accident lawyer, call us immediately at 800.696.9529. We offer free consultations for those injured by defective airbags, tire defects, SUV rollovers and roof crushes.
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My husband was driving his car home one evening and was struck from behind by a very expensive car. The driver that struck him was very arrogant aloof and could care less about what it happened in the accident and try to play my husband. The worst part was my husband was genuinely hurt and was in pain. Stephen Bilkis and associates got us justice. Not only did he win our case and Got us a great Financial victory. But we got the satisfaction of knowing that the jerk that hit us loss. So glad we had this to Bilkis to put him in his place. E.G.
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