New York City SUV Rollover Accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that over one-quarter of all rollover accidents end fatally, with two-thirds of that portion being SUV rollover accidents. At the New York City SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer group at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, we know that a rollover auto accident is twice as likely to occur in a SUV than in a car because of increased tire traction, decreased track (the distance between tires on a single axle) and heightened center of gravity. Being a victim of a serious rollover accident can turn your world upside down. You could be facing serious injuries and are not sure what your next step should be. Contact our office for assistance to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve.

The more traction a tire has with the road, the more likely it is to stop a vehicle from sliding. Once a car is sliding out of control, certain tires can act as a triggering mechanism to send a vehicle rolling over in a rollover car accident. In a standard car, the wider track of the vehicle along with smaller tires and a lower center of gravity allows for more sliding and less likelihood that the tires will grab and the immense top weight of the vehicle will commence the rollover sequence.

A SUV’s narrow track combined with a much higher center of gravity can increase the odds of sending your SUV into a rollover. All these factors are also compounded by any number of simple triggering mechanisms such as a curb, soft soil or shoulder, and/or ditches. But at our firm, we also know that the SUV has increased risk of injury and death for various reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Weaker SUV roof construction
  • Lack of roof pillars in many SUV vehicles
  • Failure of SUV roof supports
  • Roof crush

These elements all decrease occupant space and endanger passenger safety. Primarily, injury to the head, brain, and spinal cord is common. Brain injury and spinal cord injury can often be permanent, resulting in a tragic, life-altering plight. Other injuries include broken bones and amputation. If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury or wrongful death due to a rollover accident, contact our legal team right away to review your legal options.

Rollover accidents can also occur due to mechanical failure and malfunctioning equipment. Defective product, like poorly manufactured seat belts or broken safety handles, as well as a scarcity of necessary safety features, such as electronic stability control, can increase your chances of having an SUV accident. If you have been involved in an SUV rollover accident due to any of these listed causes, you may be entitled to a product liability claim. A product liability claim simply holds the manufacturer of your vehicle accountable for negligence that may have caused you undue injury and or wrongful death.

If you or a loved one are suffering from personal injury due to such a rollover car accident, we can help you. If you would like to schedule a free consultation regarding your claim, call us at 1-800-NY-NY-Law. It is important to take prompt action to ensure that your rights are protected. You could be entitled to compensation for your financial losses, which can include reimbursement for missed time from work, medical bills and more. We have offices throughout the New York City area in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn and also in Westchester County. For your convenience, Stephen Bilkis & Associates also has offices in the Long Island area in Suffolk County and Nassau County.

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